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Should Flopping Be An Automatic Technical?

Everywhere we go in the NBA, flopping is mentioned. A few years back, it was LeBron that took all the Heat for it, pun intended. Today, flopping still occurs in any sport where one can draw a foul. Whether that's Arjun Robben during the World Cup, or an LSU player (I'm withholding his name in case NCAA tracks me down and wants me to pay for the usage), flopping happens, and when it does, nobody really benefits. Sports is a competition between people to see who's better, not who's the better actor.

That being said, what's the penalty for flopping? In the NBA, right now only a warning is given, and the next time it happens in a game, a technical foul is assessed. However, it's not like people don't know that flopping is wrong. It's not a novel concept. Thus, lots of people are now arguing that there should be a technical foul assessed on the first time a flopping incident occurs in the game. 

On another level, here's a triple flop that even got the cheerleaders to shake some pompoms.

However, there are others that say that flopping may not work. If someone falls down, and a foul is not called, then the team with the downed player is playing short handed for that possession, thus putting them at a disadvantage, especially on defense because someone will certainly be open, 
Additionally, if someone flops, a referee may be less willing to award a genuine foul down the road to that player (a la the Boy who Cried Wolf). Thus there might be hidden penalties for flopping. What do all of you think? Let us know in the poll below.

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