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NFL Week 6 Skim

The NFLs leading rusher has put Dallas on top. Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
The NFLs leading rusher has put Dallas on top.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Good…

The Dallas Cowboys displayed their talents on Sunday behind their stud back DeMarco Murray as they rolled into Seattle and came out with a win. And not just any win but a well rounded victory, outplaying the Super Bowl Champs on their own turf. While the team as a whole showed great poise, the offensive line great protection, the defense the ability to control the tempo of the game, and even Tony Romo held his own…lets not get ourselves carried away with talk of the best team in the NFL. Yes, it was a good showing and yes, they have been playing well but best team is a little excessive considering their pattern of self-destruction in December and the parody in the NFL. Seattle is a team of humans and they will have off games too. Lets see how the Cowboys stack up over the next few weeks.

Speaking of the NFC and more specifically the NFC East, the Eagles had a dominant performance against the New York Giants on Sunday night - a 27-0 dominance. The shut out is the first for the Eagles since 1996 and now puts their beleaguered defense up there with the likes of the Cowboys – two defenses who in the off season everyone thought would be non-existent. The Eagles win over the Gmen was not just impressive as their offense FINALLY showed up but also because it started the separation in the hotly contested NFC East – just what the NFL wanted. After two early divisional games (to the Cowboys’ none) the Eagles do not have another divisional game until Thanksgiving Day (against the ‘Boys ironically) and then finishing with 4/5 division games for the season, including playing the Cowboys two weeks apart…yes, this looks to be one of the more interesting divisions in the NFC after last years abysmal display. Lets just give our condolences now to the Redskins and Gmen – thank you for playing, try again next year.

The Bad…

Cincinnati and Carolina tied yesterday for what this blogger considers to be an abomination of the sport. However there are a few interesting take aways. This was the highest scoring tie in ‘modern’ times and ironically it did not happen in November. The last seven NFL ties dating back to 1989 all were in November. Oh and lastly, ties do not eliminate one from a survivor pool as there is no clear cut winner or loser. Take that to work tomorrow. Ok, ok, in all seriousness the highlight of this game is whether or not the league will take disciplinary action on Vontaze Burfict for seemingly intentionally going after the ankles of Carolina players or how Adam “Pacman” Jones blames kicker Mike Nugent for the tie because of his missed field goal – because you know, clearly the team didn’t have any other opportunities in the game to make other scoring drives…Good thing he is a team player.

The Ugly…

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered their worse loss to the Browns since the days of Bernie Kosar. It is Big Ben’s second loss ever to the Brownies who looked fairly decent against the inconsistent Steelers. While there are no super juicy controversies in this game, a Steeler loss to Cleveland does not go over well with Pittsburghers. I am thinking all of their Super Bowl rings weren’t a consolation prize on Sunday…

Fantasy Studs and Duds:

*Both duds from last week FINALLY produced numbers and were STUDS! Hats off to LeSean McCoy and Joe Flacco.

Stud: Philadelphia Eagles Defense – The Eagles had 8 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and a shutout…yea…STUD.

Stud: Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens – 306 yards, 5 TDs, and had over 32 points in most fantasy leagues…again…STUD.

Dud: Eli Manning, QB, Giants – You had to know this was coming after the Eagles domination above…151 yards, 0 TDs, and sacked 6 times before he was replaced…ouch.

Dud: Matt Asiata, RB, Vikings – While he was not an original starter he has had some decent showings, thus he does have the opportunity to be a dud as well. He was completely non-existent with -5 rushing yards on 2 carries…rut-roh. 

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