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NFL Week 5 Skim

Hats off to Peyton Manning who either helped your fantasy team or crushed you this week! Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Hats off to Peyton Manning who either helped your fantasy team or crushed you this week!
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

QBs & Controversy Goes Together Like Milk & Cookies

Peyton Manning is making his case for top QB as he became the second QB in NFL history to throw for 500 TDs. He certainly is making his case for best regular season QB but his status as best ever is still in question. Does one truly need the rings to be the best? By the way, Brett Favre threw for 508 in his career. Could John Madden’s love affair with Favre be in jeopardy?

Tom Brady became the sixth QB in NFL history to pass for over 50,000 yards Sunday in the midst of a swirl of controversy over his future in NE based on recent comments. We are talking about Tom Brady’s future…Tom Brady…What is this league coming to?

Drew Brees is now in a debate of whether or not he is on the decline in his career, along with Tom Brady. Unlike Brady however, Brees did not help his cause Sunday throwing 3 INTs for the first time since 2012. Lets hope this recent win of the “‘Aints” patches things up soon or Sean Peyton has more problems then, well, Sean Peyton.

Comeback Kids

What do the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, and Carolina Panthers all have in common? Comebacks. The Browns managed to score 19 points in the second half to beat the Titans by one, the Saints forced OT and ended up winning by 6, the Gmen scored 13 points in the 4th to stun the waning Falcons, and the Panthers mounted 10 points in the 4th to over come da Bears. Oh and lets give honorable mention to the Rams who put up 14 points in the 4th quarter to nearly upset the Eagles. Hmm, Gmen got 13 in the 4th, Eagles allowed 14 in the 4th…Sunday night football this week looks interesting as the division rivals meet.

Locker Room Rumors

All sorts of rumors are flying around in New England about Tom Brady’s future, his input in personnel and play packages or lack their of, and whether Jimmy Garropolo was drafted to replace Brady. I am guessing Bill Belichick’s chuckle last week didn’t sound quite so innocent to Tom and company…

While its hard to top the rumors of Brady being ousted in NE, according to FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer, Jim Harbaugh will not be back with the 49ers next season “even if they hoist the Lombardi.” The rumors which started in the offseason have not calmed down despite a few wins and the players endorsing their coach. What started all of this? Harbaugh’s pursuit of Peyton Manning in 2012 and how that was conveyed to Alex Smith, who was later replaced by Colin Kaepernick later in the year. According to top brass and Harbaugh these rumors are just that, rumors. Oh that sticky circle of trust…

How Many Ways Can you Score a TD?

The Philadelphia Eagles’ quick strike offense is more like a flash in the pan and leaving much to be desired. The red zone is the dead zone for them and they leave their defense on the field the majority of the game. However, despite the fantasy struggles of everyone but Darren Sproles owners, the Eagles do offer one interesting aspect of the game: per RedZone’s Scott Hanson and FTW, they have scored a TD in 7 of the 8 possible ways: rushing TD, receiving TD, kickoff return for a TD, punt return for a TD, fumble recovery for a TD, INT or pick 6, and punt block return for a TD. Which one is missing? For that we can turn to Crimson Tide – a botched field goal returned for a TD (blocked or off the crossbar).

Fantasy Studs and Duds

Stud: Brian Quick, WR Rams – 87 yards and 2 TDs against the Eagles as this third year wideout continues his break out season. He is starting to look like a consistent starter.

Stud: Branden Oliver , RB Bills– Oliver made the most of his opportunity with Donald Brown being out due to a concussion. 114 yards on the ground, 68 through the air, and two TDs…yes, he did make his talents known.

Dud: Joe Flacco, QB Ravens – Flacco is notorious for struggling on the road but this week his struggles to connect with his top WR Torrey Smith became all too evident. Wonder if he longs for the days of Anquan Boldin? Hmm, too bad those dollar signs can’t catch.

Dud: LeSean McCoy, RB Eagles– Dude has a permanent place on this list for now. 81 yards on 24 carries is getting better but still no TDs for last years leading rusher. Killing us!

Word To The Wise

If you are at a bar and request your team’s fight song to be played, please KNOW IT! While this is completely unacceptable from any male ever, it is most certainly MORE unacceptable if you are a female. Why you ask? Some of us pride ourselves in following football for more than the tight pants and adorable pink colors in October…Please don’t discredit those of us who KNOW and RESPECT the game by being typical. 

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