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RGIII To Return Week 8: Fantasy Implications

Robert Griffin III's fantasy owners have had plenty to complain about the past two seasons. However, the light at the end of the tunnel, however dim, is still approaching. The team expects RG3 to be back in time for a rivalry matchup versus the Dallas Cowboys in week 8. There are a couple questions to answer regarding his fantasy outlook:

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1. Will Cousins prove himself and thus render RG3's return obselete?

That remains to be seen. If he continues playing like he did last week, RG3 will be back in shotgun in no time. Otherwise, we'll have to answer the question below:

2. How well must Cousins perform to keep RG3 at bay?

On the year, Cousins has completed 62% of his passes, a solid number, with a decent 8.2 yards per completion average. The only problem? Interceptions. Last week, the Giants picked him off four times. Could it be an outlier? I think so. Just a couple bad decisions led to missed opportunities. Now that the pressure is on him, he needs to put that performance behind him in order to succeed.

This week, however, Cousins must face the dangerous Seattle defense. If he stands tall versus this team, I don't think RG3 will be playing much the rest of the way. If Cousins crumbles, everyone will be crying for RG3. It's a tough sports world out there.

In shallow leagues, hopefully you don't have either of these QBs, but in speculative dynasty leagues, see if there's value in betting on one or the other. There are always Chicken Little owners out there.

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