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NFL Week 2 Skim

Darren Sproles - the most electrifying, and now appropriately used, backup RB in the NFL Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Darren Sproles - the most electrifying, and now appropriately used, backup RB in the NFL
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the replacement refs?

The No Fun League made it known this season that they were taking a hardline stance on illegal contact and defensive holding penalties. I wonder how hard line they meant – was it to the tune of 26 penalties in 4 quarters in the Sunday night game? Did the league feel that the game was over-officiated and thus the Monday night game, in which there was blatant defensive holding which led to a crucial interception, that the officials were more lax? And let’s not forget the disaster that was the Thursday night’s game…

Thursday night's game was the most watched Thursday night game most likely due to CBS now having the game from the NFL Network and also due to the Baltimore Ravens playing with the looming Ray Rice controversy. However, the refs decided to quickly create their own controversy by throwing flags for seemingly every little hit. The yardage and calls were nearly evenly split so neither team had an advantage but it definitely reminded us that this can be the No Fun League. Apparently, the NFL is more apt to protect the QBs before they protect women. And we thought the replacement refs weren’t consistent…

Who Dat? Darren Sproles -X Factor

New Orleans is 0-2; Philadelphia is 2-0. Darren Sproles has not been the primary back for either team, yet he is more than on his way to surpassing his average NO rushing and receiving numbers by mid-year. 263 total yards and 2 TDs through the first two games – will the Saints ever march on without him?

That being said, New Orleans is the most surprising 0-2 team after losing to the Brownies. A hard fought loss to a division rival last week I can buy, but losing a tight game in the last seconds to the Browns…things are not looking good in the Big Easy. Second behind the Saints, Indianapolis is 0-2 and for the first time ever, Andrew Luck has lost back to back NFL games. While Indianapolis did play two tough opponents and one can’t completely be surprised, this team is better than their record.

Circle the Wagon

The Buffalo Bills have seemingly surprised everyone but their loyal fan base with their 2-0 start. However, beating Miami at home isn’t as much of a testament as beating Chicago in week 1 in Chicago. Their next test is a scrappy San Diego team at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Let’s see just how real these Bills are.

The Not For Long League

This weekend proved that once again, the NFL is not just full of an elite group of athletes but an elite LUCKY group too. So many stars went down within the first hour of Sunday’s kickoff leaving not just fans, but fantasy owners in a world of hurt.

Knowshon Moreno, Robert Griffin III, DeSean Jackson, A.J. Green, Jamaal Charles, Tavon Austin, Ryan Matthews, Doug Martin, Carson Palmer…everyone’s fantasy team was destroyed this week. At least we all had a level playing field…

Fantasy Studs and Duds:

Stud: Antonio Gates – Once again proving age is not a factor, Gates hauled in seven receptions for over 90 yards and 3 TDs. Yes, 3 TDs. If you have him on your roster, I hope you weren’t part of the 75% who left him on your bench against Seattle…

Stud: Darren Sproles – 152 receiving yards and 1 TD – at RB2 one can’t blame you for benching him but despite the abysmal Colts D against the screen pass, he is worth a starting look with Chip Kelly’s high powered and fast paced offense. 

Dud: Rob Gronkowski – 32 yards on 4 receptions…the confusing NE offense just leaves us all wondering…

Dud: The Oakland Raiders and all of the injury list above…

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